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At WSSI we can install industrial steel shelving that will not only help you to maximise space, but it will also help your warehouse to operate more efficiently too. 

What types of Industrial Shelving does WSSI offer?

At WSSI we take the time to understand the specific needs of your business in order to recommend the most appropriate type of industrial shelving for you, and are able to install the following types of systems:

Office Mobile & Industrial Shelving Systems 

If you need to store parts or want to add archiving solutions to your office, mobile industrial shelving provides a great solution. Suitable for industrial and office environments (such as warehouses, education establishments, councils and police authorities), roller racking mobile industrial shelving systems will help to increase your capacity on a more flexible basis.

The main features and benefits of mobile industrial shelving are:

  • They run on rails, which makes the system extra efficient
  • The rails can be laid within the floor or mounted onto a false floor, depending on your requirements
  • If you need to store large loads, the mobile industrial shelving bases can be used to store items up to 15 tons
  • It is suitable for narrow aisles
  • It is available as both fully clad or open options
  • A range of extra options are available for your mobile industrial shelving system base, depending on your requirements, such as electronic ‘touch control’ which provides easier access, and locking bases for extra security.

Two-Tier Industrial Shelving

A two-tier industrial shelving system uses a combination of mezzanine floors or walkways, which can make it especially beneficial for warehouses that run manual picking operations on a large scale.

If you are looking to maximise efficiency, storage capacity and height in your warehouse, then two-tier industrial shelving is an option that you should certainly consider.

You might also be surprised to know that there are a range of two-tier industrial shelving units available for a range of budgets too. At WSSI our team will work with you to meet your needs, with two-tier industrial shelving options available that are bolt-less or use shelves made of steel or chipboard, making it a completely economical option whatever your requirements are.

The main features and benefits of two-tier industrial shelving are:

  • It will meet all of the lighting, fire detection and sprinkler system requirements that are necessary for your warehouse
  • Shelving and walkways can be integrated, offering complete flexibility
  • Warehouse space is maximised across multiple levels.

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How WSSI can help with your
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At WSSI we are committed to understanding the specific needs of your business, and will recommend the right industrial shelving system to meet your requirements. We have 23 year’s experience of supplying and installing industrial shelving systems to both UK and European businesses, and pride ourselves on our ability to project manage and build shelving, conveyors and ‘pallet live’ systems.

In addition, for racking manufacturers and warehouse owners, and members of SEMA (Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association) we provide installation services.

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